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Guidance & counseling services for upper secondary school

Guidance & counseling services for upper secondary school - for the educational sector in Akershus county. The guidance & counseling service in Akershus county contains four different services and are located in three regional centers.

Educational and psychological services

(Pedagogisk-psykologisk tjeneste – PPT). The service provides counselling and support to teachers and students in upper secondary schools as well as advicing schools on issues related to students with special needs. The service also offer advice to schools regarding school development and organization.

Follow-up services

(Norwegian: Oppfølgingstjenesten - OT). The service supports and gives assistance to youth  up to the age of 21 in their search and application for jobs. It also advises the youth in making the right educational choices in the Upper secondary school level. The service in addition acts as a coordinator with other institutions that these youths are in contact with.

Career services

(Karrieretjenesten). The career services offers counseling to individuals regarding career opportunities and educational choices. The service also provdes services to schools and students of lower and upper secondary schools, with regards to transitions within school levels and into working life.

Adult education

(Voksenopplæringen). The adult education section at the Guidance and conseling services in Akershus gives information and advises adults of their rights and opportunities for education in the upper secondary school system. All adults over 25 who have not completed upper secondary education may be eligible for admission to the adult education program. This right applies to individuals that meet the formal terms ut such admission. The service initiates classes for adults from the age of 25 years. Please note that the classes are taught in Norwegian language and that the program does not include introductory courses in Norwegian.


Regional guidance and councelling centres